Reviews Of Our Dog Rehabilitation Equipment

At Fit Fur Life, we take great pride in the quality of our products, which help veterinary surgeons, boarding kennels, dog trainers, show competitors and private dog owners worldwide to offer exemplary care to canines across the globe.

Our customers love our products, and here you can read a select few comments from some of the professionals and dog lovers who have used our dog rehabilitation equipment. If you like what you read, visit our online store to find out more about our range.

“Fit Fur Life Exercise Treadmills Are Synonymous, Creative, Inventive, Challenging & Totally Fun For Our Pets"

“Kennel and Paddock use the ultimate treadmill to aid canines recovering from surgery, soft tissue injuries, and obesity, as well as improving general fitness and conditioning. It has been found to be of great benefit for those canines that are struggling to find their stride length, pattern of movement, and in returning to competition fitness. What Kennel and Paddock admire most about Fit Fur Life treadmills is the software downloaded to your computer to repeat and follow training programmes for individual clients.

The key rehabilitation benefits of treadmills are the ability not only to motivate a maximum effort, but also to support and encourage workouts for our canine friends to feel fit and healthy.

I highly recommend Fit Fur Life treadmills, “they are great fun and beneficial to the health and well-being of our furry friends!"
Karl Jones MSc (Vet Physio) BSc (Hons) ACPAT Cat A, CSP, HPC
Kennel and Paddock Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre

Fit Fur Life Treadmills Are A Great Asset For Boarding Kennels

"We have often said that Fit Fur Life treadmills are a great asset for boarding kennels. However, we have never put it as well as this!

    I don’t know what I would do without my treadmill, it is the best purchase I have ever made.”

Dorothy Brooks. Castlerock Boarding Kennels, Macclesfield, UK

Champion Rottweiler

 "On a happy note I attach a photo of Joey who ended last year as TOP UK ROTT and this year as TOP UK Male so thanks again – your treadmill was the answer to our prayers two years ago and we haven’t looked back.

Thanks again Fit Fur Life."

Mrs Pauline Lockyer, Dog Trainer

Fit Fur Life Dog Treadmills Assist Show Competitors In Achieving Success In The Ring, Improving The Muscle Definition & Gait Of Show Dogs

“I always try to show my dogs in peak condition in excellent coat and plenty of muscle. My dogs all have free running daily but, as the roads are becoming more and more unpleasant for walking to bring a dog into peak condition, I had been considering a treadmill for some time. I bought a Fit Fur Life treadmill at Crufts last year and I have to say it has been money well spent.

It has been unbelievably easy to teach my dogs to use the treadmill and they are happily trotting away after just a few sessions of training. Last summer my English Setter bitch ‘Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston’ became the breed’s youngest ever recorded title holder at just sixteen months old. I do not think it is a coincidence that Frankie enjoys being exercised regularly on my Fit Fur Life treadmill. She is the top winning English Setter for 2008.”

Jane Dennis, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK
Show Competitor/Judge

Exercise Is The Main Component To Good Health, Good Mental Agility & Long Life

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility as they depend on us for food, shelter and above all exercise, but unfortunately many dogs just don’t get enough daily activity. A shortfall in exercise leads to poor muscle tone, obesity, heart ailments, bone disorders and often results in emotional and behavioural problems.

The Dog Man’s treadmill offers a complete muscle enhancing, toning and fitness regime that not only improves the overall health and vitality of your dog, it helps restrain destructive behaviour problems, increases life span and prevents obesity. The equipment is particularly effective as it can be used to offer controlled resistance to strengthen muscle tone as well as a cardiovascular workout in a controlled and safe environment.

The Dog Man has a professional canine” Fit-Fur-Life” treadmill available, which he can use to help keep your dog fit and healthy.

Fit Fur Life Treadmills Are Not Meant To Replace Taking Your Dog For A Walk. However, Regular Outside Exercise Is Not Always Possible Or Does Not Satisfy Exercise Requirement.

 “I decided to buy a Fit Fur Life treadmill when I saw them at Crufts 2007. I am elderly and have a disabled husband and six dogs so I knew the treadmill would keep my dogs in good health together with their daily walk on the beach."

Mrs M Geall, Dog Owner

Fit Fur Life Dog Treadmills Assist Show Competitors In Achieving Success In The Ring, Improving The Muscle Definition & Gait Of Show Dogs

“I just wanted to say that I love my treadmill and I don’t know how I’ve managed without one before, it is used for about an hour and a half per day between my dogs and is really helping my young Collie’s rehab after his operation for OCD.

It was a huge investment for me but worth every penny.”

Caroline Levelle, Dordogne, France
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For state-of-the-art dog rehabilitation equipment, look no further that Fit Fur Life. Visit our online store today or contact our team in Surrey.

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